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Customer Assistance/Technical Support

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Our experts and technical support team are always available to help you track your vehicles or clear any dark clouds you may have. You can reach us on phone 055.648.2202.

MTN Fleet Management Service

We also provide fleet management system for businesses in need of fleet management. Our desktop application has all the features designed to make your fleet management simple. Download the application here.


With MTN Vehicle Tracking Service

, all your locating and monitoring problems have become a thing of the past. The quality of the service and the durability of the products are outstanding. Our unbeatable product and our service costs makes the service the number one choice for all your Vehicle and Personal tracking needs. You can be one of our most cherished clients by subscribing to be part of this excellent family as we press forward in making Ghana the gateway to tracking in West Africa.

MTN Vehicle Tracking Service

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Monthly Payments


Corporate Accounts


All corporate account holders should contact their accounts manager or go to the nearest MTN office to make payments


Individual Accounts


All individual account holders should go to the nearest MTN office to make payments


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