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About MTN Vehicle Tracking Service

MTN Vehicle Tracking Service

Offers Standard and Personal tracking systems. This is the most advanced and sophisticated range of tracking products world wide specially manufactured to meet all your tracking needs.

With MTN Vehicle Tracking Service

, all your locating and monitoring problems have become a thing of the past. The quality of the service and the durability of the products are outstanding. Our unbeatable product and our service costs makes the service the number one choice for all your Vehicle and Personal tracking needs. You can be one of our most cherished clients by subscribing to be part of this excellent family as we press forward in making Ghana the gateway to tracking in West Africa.

MTN Vehicle Tracking Service


  • Are manufactured with the highest quality components.
  • On each vehicle will be installed a tracking device
  • Have the lowest monthly fees - GHC20 per device with 2500 live reports daily.
  • You can track your vehicles in Ghana from everywhere you go in the world.
  • Use Licensed Google Map API Premier with unlimited visual landmarks, roads and buidings.
  • Use a Highest level of security of IP to IP- (machine to machine).
  • Can create different Geofences (Artificial Barriers) to alert you vehicle critical movements
  • Provide historical route reports: You can view the history or route report for any vehicle for the previous 90 days.
  • Provide Live Reports of all your fleet from 1 vehicle to groups of 100 vehicles in a single screen every 30 Seconds.
  • Provide reports in PDF or Excel at no extra cost for:
    • Speed
    • Trip
    • Work Time
    • Stops

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